Winter steelhead

So, I tried to switch over to winter steelhead this week.  Its a little early but a few are getting caught.  As always when I try this we catch nice bright late fall coho, and every time we hook one I am sure its gonna be a bright hatchery steelhead.

Rivers are in great shape, weather is nice, no one around, so, we aren’t loading the boat with fish.  But we are catching some nice ones, and the steelhead fishing will keep getting better.  Here is a pic of a Coho from this week and a king from last.

Jerry swung this cartwheeling coho from the inside of a steelhead flat, fooled me for a little bit.

Andi released this fall king last week


Right now I have the 15th and 16th open.  I might be willing to do a fish a long or some spey instruction.

Jim Kerr

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