Hatchery Steelhead dates


I am doing my part, working on my boat heater, investing in a back up thermos and a new cook stove for the boat, now its time for you, loyal reader, to do yours.  Hatchery steelhead are here, chrome bright hard fighting and delicious.   Hatchery season is short, sweet and makes up some of the most fond and vivid memories I have every season.  So, right now, go into your co-workers office, lift his/her wallet, go to my paypal sight and lets get you some dates.  PS.  Christmas gift idea’s volume #1 will be posted by the end of the day Monday.Be sure to find a casual way to drop this where the gift giver in your life will find it.

Here is an extra bonus, book December 8th or 15th and I will give you $50.oo off

Here are a few hatchery season pics.

Lee, back before color film

cigar with Don

Chubby Queets hen

I will be off the river until Tuesday, taking the week end away with the family.

Jim Kerr

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