You were wondering what Madeline was for Halloween.  Zebra.

You were also wondering if there were still any salmon around.



twofer, thanks Jeff


Now your thinking, ” I bet he doesn’t have any open dates”

But we do, including, but not limited to next Friday and maybe possibly Saturday.


double twofer

double twofer

It has been a memorable salmon year.  Swinging flies for big chrome coho is, well, lots of fun.  Mostly spey fishing with floating skagit lines and sink tips, but some intermediate lines as well

wore a hole right through it

wore a hole right through it

You should come soon, because before to long it will be steelhead season, and you will have missed one of the all time great salmon years, and you will have to listen to me talk about it in the boat.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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  1. Jeff says:

    This was a truly memorable day! Thanks Jim!

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