Too Much?

Sunday seemed like the wind was too windy, the rain was too rainy, and the river was too high and muddy.  But it turns out if there are enough fish in there it all works out.  As usual the weather man was off by several hours so it turned sunny,nice, and big chrome bitey before the day was over.

Rainy morning

Rainy morning, Lee I had to use this pic

Monday did not fish, Tuesday there were too many fish and we had to leave, today was a blow out however I bet the rivers are putting out fish by this afternoon.  The numbers and quality of fish this year have been pretty crazy.

I have November dates open, let me know if you want to fish.

swinging flies for coho

John swings up number one grillion on the red rod

big wiggly one

big wiggly one

Pretty epic fishing with the spey rod.  I have some real cool pics yet to post.  Yesterday the fishing was memorable.

Jim Ker

Rain Coast Guides


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  1. Lee says:

    Just serving up the secret mangrove stash like that?

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