You could be catching a big fish

Right now.

Its true.  We still have some gear fishing for springer catching specials out there.  Yep, still swinging some chrome bright steelhead, and if you want to look down your calendar just a little we have a June one opener coming up, and a 1st Saturday in June opener, and well other stuff.

Summer steelhead?  Yep, right around the corner.

Nice fish Jeff

Nice fish Jeff

Megan with a unmarked spring king, Thanks Ryan

Megan with a unmarked spring king,
Thanks Ryan

Workshop Schedule is looking like this

Good Spey fishing workshop

April May and June is two handed rod season here, its my favorite time to fish, and a great time to help people develop their spy catching.

We will be offering several spey workshops, the first two are focused on the techniques that consistently result in hooking steelhead and salmon on the two handed rod.

The format of this workshop is a little different in that I limit it two three guests so that we can float a river. This way we can fish and discuss water that regularly produces fish.

We will have plenty of time on the river time to sharpen your casting but more importantly work on doing what it takes to get a fish on your fly.

The goal is to help you hook more fish on your two handed rod by overcoming challenges of casting, presentation, and reading water.

These workshops are on Saturdays so you can make a weekend of it if you like, learn some new spots and tricks and then take what you have learned fishing on Sunday



Workshop includes

6 hours of on the water instruction, casting presentation, gear and fly selection

A ton of awesome spey rods and lines to mess with.

Bring your map and we will make notes on rivers and run timing

Lunch and drinks

Work shop dates

Sat May 9, Saturday May 30th



$150 per guest

email [email protected] for info

Jim Kerr

rain Coast guides





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