Spring Chinook

Fly fishing for Spring Chinook,

Probably a bad idea, but here I go again.  There are some times, places and conditions where OP spring Chinook come well to the fly, but making the stars align in your favor is tough.

Still we persist and occasionally prevail, in the mean time we generally hook a steelhead or two in the attempt and swing some very beautiful water.  If you are in the mood to be truly challenged, and probably frustrated and spey fish some exceptional water, this is all you.

From now until about the first week of June we will be running spring salmon trips.

Springers on the fly are tough to come by, but persistence pays

Springers on the fly are tough to come by, but persistence pays

Gear fishing for spring Chinook

Blasphemy, I know, a fly fisherman offering gear trips.  Here is the deal.

These freakin things are better on the table than anything I’ve ever eaten.  If you want one you can go to the market and get a 4 day old fish for $30.00 a pound, or spend the morning with a gear rod in hand. They pull really hard.

Fun to catch no matter how you do it

Big springer on a plug


Jim Kerr

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