Weather really sucks.
Joe and Myron came out, and more or less unflinchingly set out into pouring rain and 30 something gusts and landed a whole shit pot of chrome bright steelhead.  Driving to Forks right now is playing with fire, but there are places to fish, and fish to catch, so…
Or you could stay home and tie flies, not a bad plan

Myran, with a nice steelhead hours from the salt

Joe has now been on the bolg

You could tie steelhead flies that looked like this, and then send them to me as a present!

I fished today, and caught fish, and will do so again tomorrow, but the weather is bad and the water is bad-er-er.
I guess it is winter steelhead fishing, its supposed to be hard.

Jim Kerr  Raincoastguides
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