Steelhead, Dry Flies, Double headers

Yes, we did manage to raise a steelhead to a dry fly yesterday, thanks Arron, Jeff and Joe for the heads up.  And several double headers on the nymph rod, and fish on the spey rod.  What the hell else do you want.
Late in the week through Monday was more or less magical with things getting a little more real today.  With the shitty weather forecasts crowds have been very manageable, most days I have been seeing maybe two boats.

Gary with a big hen steelhead

Jonathan and Gary

I am going to put out Kalama summer steelhead dates, May fish-a-long dates and some more workshop dates soon.  If you haven’t subscribed to the Blog yet do it now so you get the notice in time to book. If you are interested in May dates let me know, its about 50% booked at this point.
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3 Responses to Steelhead, Dry Flies, Double headers

  1. colty says:

    awesome fish! keep up the great work jim! thanks for the frequently updated reports.

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    Oh God!  There is some one reading this!  Colty, you made my week!  Thanks buddy!

  3. joe williams says:

    Thanks for the photos – please let me know when Kalama trip is scheduled

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