Week off

So as many of you know we moved into a new home at Christmas and are expecting a baby in June, so I took this week off to finish up some stuff around the house before the baby gets here and we have summer season in full swing.  Step one, remove some stumps so we can fence the yard, FAIL.  Rented backhoe broke down an hour into the job and has spent the last 2 days sitting in our yard leaking hydraulic fluid with no mechanic in sight.

So other chores are taking the front seat, and frankly, I think I am ready to go fishing.

So blog shit, if any of you guys have thoughts, ideas, or comments about stuff you have seen here or would like to see let me know, make a comment here.

Here is some upcoming stuff you may be interested in.

Hatchery springer, custom bat

 Walk in trips in South West Washington.

I will be in the Seattle area from June 15th until the end of the month waiting for our new baby and trying to squeeze in some fishing.  To that end I will be offering walk-in and instructional trips on some of the better steelhead water in that neck of the woods.  These trips will be tailored to getting guests familiar with some great walk-in water close to home, teaching some slick bank fishing tricks and catching some epic steelhead. Email if you are interested.

Jim Kerr


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2 Responses to Week off

  1. ma says:

    If anyone else is interested, they should know that Raincoast Guide jim Kerr and his lovely wife, Lauren, have allowed me to become a grandma!!
    You bet i’m excited! She looks like a little peach!
    July 9, 2012. 7lb,9oz. Madeline.

  2. Tony Abaloney Polizzi says:

    Congratulations !! Funny how it all works, Hope all of you are well, Both our girls are in High school this year, an I bought my first fly rod/reel yesterday to go with my new aire trib raft– Let me know when you have some time and please post some photos of Madi

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