Fish along Monday and Wednesday

Had fun on a fish-a-long yesterday, hooked one steelhead, had a couple other good grabs and caught  some trout. This morning I went out behind the house for 1/2 and hour to swing, my neighbor got a dandy spring chinook, I got one decent eat and a couple more cutts.  The springer fishing has been pretty damn good.

I have Monday and Wednesday open, if you want to do a fish-a-long or try a spring Chinook grocery run, drop me a line.

Laurell with a nice spring Chinook, Mathew grinning in the background, he all ready got his.

I am all so running into that dilemma where there are just too damn many places to fish and I just  don’t have time to check them all out. So I am planning to schedule some explore around days to try to root out some oddball stuff. If you want to come along I will charge enough to cover my gas, shuttle, and lunch.

These dates come to mind, June 11th, July 11th…..

Oh yea, Trout fishing should be real good next week, with the possibility of a split salmon , steelhead trout day.  The 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th are all open and would be good options for that.  Check your Calendar, its time to go fishing.

Jim Kerr

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Jim Kerr

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  1. Victor says:

    HI Jim,

    I’ve been checking your website for sometime now, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try and link-up with you. Just read your post e.r to your ” come-along” dates and this would be a perfect chance to hook-up with you.

    I’ll be back in W. Washington this July right after the 4th until the end of the month. Perhaps the 16 of July would work for both of us? Let me know if so through email or cell.

    Looking forward to fishing in WA this summer again.

    253 682 7600

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