Truth in advertising

 (The following statement is not entirely accurate.) FISHING

                                                Employee of the month 

Yes we are
getting some springers, and it has been getting a little better each week, but
no it is not great.  The Sol Duc is
holding some nice fish with a few more moving in every tide, the Hoh opener was
mostly a dud from what I heard, but the water was on the rise so its hard to
say for sure, you really need to catch it on the drop this time of year.  It should be stuffed with left over
steelhead.  Right now I am planning
on a couple more weeks of springer fishing and then its on to summer run

*Away from the computer this week, call if you need anything.

Jim Kerr Rain Coast Guides


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2 Responses to Truth in advertising

  1. Lauren says:

    That is a good looking dog! You’re not so bad either there fella (insert winking and creepy eyebrow waggle here)

  2. Craig says:

    Who is the EOM? Jim or Gus H?

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