To my loyal readers (the rest of you can skip it)

Here is the problem.

This is an Elk, it is elk season

So I have been hunting,  and seeing lots of awesome bulls this year, and not managing to shoot any, which is o.k., I do love to see them and here the bugle.

John with a hungry summer

Right now the fishing, like the weather is awful.  Just trout, steelhead and a few odd salmon, the caddiss are hatching.

I will tie some flies today and get a few days fishing in before I go back to hunting. Might have an open day or two this month, we will see.

Jim Kerr

Raincoast guides.

We are still getting some beautiful chromers, and loosing far more than we are landing due to too much pulling and jumping


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3 Responses to To my loyal readers (the rest of you can skip it)

  1. Kris Thomas says:

    Once again, no elk are being harmed in the production of this blog……..tragic. Beauty bull picture, Jim!

  2. Ryan T Shopay says:

    It appears that you are shooting with the wrong “elk hunting device”…Helluva nice picture though. I was wondering where all the posts had gone, thanks for clarifying ( I was guessing there was a wee lass to “blame”) . Good luck out in the field!

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