So really, back to fishing soon.

So, if you don’t big game hunt, you probably don’t think about these parts of it.  This is how you feel when you really can’t believe that that hundreds of miles you hiked, the weeks you spent scouting, the years you spent practicing your shooting and calling, all paid off at once.

oooh boy.

This is my hunting partner Pete just taking it all in right after we got to his bull.

Mikey, coming in for the congratulatory tackle. There is nothing like the relief of finding your animal, knowing you shot well and he died quickly and humanly, and you have good friends there who will stick with you until the meat is all packed and out of the woods.

For more picks check the comment section.

As for the fishing,

The trout fishing has been super fun, the steelhead has been alright, and the salmon are starting to splash around, the weather is great.  The rivers are empty, good times.  I will be back guiding in 4 days.



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14 Responses to So really, back to fishing soon.

  1. raincoastguides says:

    Thats Madeline, Lauren,me, Uncle Mike Z, and Uncle Pete with his bull. I don’t think you could do a better job of calling, stalking and really clutch shooting than Pete did on this one. Truly masterful.
    Awesome bull, and honest 5×7 with plenty of “extra” points.

  2. joey says:

    Hell Yes. Awesome Bull.

  3. Ryan T Shopay says:

    Nice one!! Congrats all around!!

  4. Lariokie says:

    Sweet! Beautiful bull Pete! Beautiful baby girl Lauren and JK! Good work all around.

  5. Ken Johnson says:

    Great bull!
    Looks like the pack must not have been too bad, either.
    Hope you guys get another one.

  6. Joe B says:

    That is an authentic family portrait if I’ve seen one. What a cool animal and experience.

  7. Lee says:

    bro nice bull. nice baby.

  8. Dan Cuomo says:

    THAT is a nice bull! Nice baby too. : )

  9. Craig Habakangas says:

    Very nice..

  10. Ben Hart says:

    Is this deal still good?

    “Here is how it works, first you have to be subscribed to the blog, (go to the subscribe box on the left hand side of the page and enter your email info). Next, if I go 4 full days without posting be the first to catch me and put a comment on the last post (Hey, its been 4 days, no post, you owe me a trip) and you get to fish for free.”

  11. Martin Mills says:

    Fuuuck you! and I didn’t know baby picking season was open. MM

  12. Cliff says:

    Now that’s a “rosy” picture. Beautiful bull. I finally got it done with the longbow on Saturday.

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