This is gonna be awesome!!!!

You are going to go fishing, and its gonna be epic.
Ryan Bullock just had the following dates open up. February 22 and 23 and March 14, and March 21 and 22.
Those are FOR SURE, ABSOLUTELY, WITH NO SHRED OF A DOUBT, your best chances to hook some amazingly cool olympic peninsula native winter steelhead.
Ryan is the best guide I know. If you felt like you missed out, or you were on the fence, well, Email [email protected] and ask Lauren to book it.

there you go! Just that easy!

Most weeks I guide Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday is family day and Monday is for chores. But sometimes I like to go fishing also. Im kinda getting the itch to try and find some hatchery steelhead on my own time.

Maybe next Monday.

bright high water hen

Jim Kerr

Raincoast guides

Forks wa

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