Fish along plus winter hatchery steelhead

Do you want to stand along a quiet winter stream and catch 25 or 30 gleaming bright hatchery winter steelhead?
Me to, not gonna happen this winter. But we can probably catch a couple.
Mid winter steelhead fly fishing appeals to me on a lot of levels not the least of which is that no one will ever confuse it with something thats easy.
It’s the time to pull your big kid waders way up and get serious about trying hard.
February through April is child’s play in comparison.

Fish like this are worth a try

If you want to book a day of hatchery winter run fishing nows the time. Its a good chance to get outside, enjoy the winter weather and maybe get a cool fish to take home for the holidays.

Think about booking something something between now and January 20th for Hatchery winter steelhead.

I will also be offering some fish a long dates. Different than a guided day, I go fishing, and you come a long and fish too. Its a chance for guests to get some detailed info on locations and techniques, while I get a chance to stretch my legs a bit more than usual.

These trips could include rugged muddy creek crawling, looking around for early native fish that might not be there yet, driving around drinking coffee and eating donuts looking for a river thats not blown out, or sneaking up on a really cool spot and catching a bunch.
December 6, 13, and 18 are open for fish a longs. The rate for a single is angler $225.00, the rate for 2 anglers $350.00. This offer is ONLY FOR December 6,13, and 18. I will probably add a few more dates in a couple of weeks.

Fish a longs can end up in some interesting places

I was coming off the river a few weeks ago and cousin Keith called and asked me how the fishing was. I told him we had worked hard and gotten a couple of nice fish. He said “Oh, you mean REAL fishing”.

Yeah, that.

Recently the fishing has been bad enough so that there have not been a lot of people around. In fact in some cases, no one. But good enough so that if we work at it a bit we catch a couple really awesome fish, all by ourselves, in an amazing spot.

If the fishing was even a little better, there would be more people, and it wouldn’t be nearly as good.

Perfectly shitty, the ultimate balance.

Bank fishing in December

Get out and fish this December, then you can scratch it off your new years resolution list before the new year.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides\Forks Wa

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