Taking a break

Had a tough week last week, I got sick and had to cancel a weeks worth of fishing, I didn’t miss too much.  There is a steady stream of summer runs coming but the high water made them finicky and hard to find.  The sockeye fishing has been good but it looks like the spring Chinook have pretty much wound down.

Lauren Madeline and I are on our way out of town for about ten days, headed east to visit some Grandparents.  By the time we get back the summer runs should b settled into their summer schedule, and the Hoh should be flirting with dropping down in shape.

The brightest spot seems to be the size of this years summer steelhead.  Definitely a bit larger on average than we are used to.  If a guy wanted to catch some sea run cutthroat,…but who would want to do that.

DSCN0615Tim with a nice summer run

I have some late July dates left open, 16,17,18,21,23, 25, and 31.  Should be pretty good sumer steelhead fishing, especially if you don’t mind walking a bit.

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