Back in Forks and ready to catch steelhead

Not a steelhead

Not a steelhead

Summer fish workshop,

It’s tricky, but very worth it.  We will go out and sight fish for some summer fish.

Summer steelhead and salmon are all over the northwest, but they are hard to find, hard to spot, and especially hard to make bite, unless you know some tricks.  I will show you some really cool ones.

You will get the low down on finding them, spotting them, fly selection, tackle choice, casting and presentation tricks.

And a nice afternoon Bar-B-Q with a few beers and a recap.  (August 24th)

Max, four Guests

Cost, $165.00 per person


The gold Irene strikes again

The gold Irene strikes again

Fish report

The glacial rivers are dropping in and the Quillayute system is getting to the sneaky low water stage.  There are summer steelhead, sockeye, cutthroat, still a few kings, and the first scout summer coho.  More and more the salmon and steelhead will be a morning and evening deal with the cutthroat being the mainstay in the middle of the day.   Soon, a crazy early shot on the Quillayute will be a good bet for Coho.

Open dates,

Last July dates, 21,23, and 25. I have a fair number of August dates, 6th, 9,10,11, and the 13th through the 18th.

Its a nice time of year to fish, come on out.

Jim Kerr


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  1. Lee says:

    Who’s that dude up top?

  2. Lee says:

    Ah. From one fish two fish. Knick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone.

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