Summer Fishing

Things to bring summer run fishing

So it’s hot as hell and the water is low but that doesn’t
change the fact that there are huge and chrome steelhead in the river.  Right now we are casting to single fish
or small groups, the type of presentation depends on the water you find the
fish holding in, but a dry line and 14 ft leader gives you lots of
options.  You might do well
carrying a couple of sink tips but we don’t want to make this deal too

It boils down to technical sight fishing at its best. You
must have good polarized sunglasses, shorts, lots of water,
cold drinks and snacks (its going to be a long day).

In the last week we have hooked fish indicator nymphing,
high stick nymphing, striping flies and hanging flies down current, it all
depends on where they are and what they won’t bite.

Pure process of elimination.

Great places to be include the Kalama, East Fork Lewis, or
out on the Peninsula you can hit the Callawa, Sol Duc or the Hoh.  As for fishing in Forks I have a killer
deal going with part guided/self guided trips including lodging.  This is an awesome time to do some hike
in fishing around Forks, and I can turn you on to the best hikes.

I have days open, give me a call if you are interested.

                       Jeff with one of a matched set of hatchery chromers he caught the other day.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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  1. Dan Whitaker says:

    Waders? Must have been unusually cold 🙂 Just kidding, I’ve frozen my backside off on many a summer day. Nice fish, too.

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