Lots o chrome steelhead

A little snow melt goes along way, a couple of hot days put
some color I the river and the fishing went from dead stop to full speed ahead
this week. 

There are still fresh summer steelhead rolling in and now we
have fish up and down the river. 
It is low water fishing, far more like trout fishing than steelhead
fishing, lots of sight casting and some super tricky presentations .  Buggy paterns are best, start around a
size 6 and work your way down.



After loosing a much larger fish upriver Tom thought this
fish was being “lazy” until it powered its way back upriver all the way to the pool we
hooked it in.  Jeff watches as it goes by.


         Tom in hot pursuit again


Here is Tom with one of many we hooked yesterday

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3 Responses to Lots o chrome steelhead

  1. Marty says:

    well done you cork-soaker you!!!

  2. Dan Whitaker says:

    Hey great pictures in your latest report. Being a small water steelhead lover, I couldn’t help but notice the size of water you were catching them in. Do you like to keep river names to yourself, or would you share where you were hooking those suckers? decent small rivers are just hard to come by. I feel kinda guilty even asking, so I wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t feel like leaking the info. Either way, thanks for the great reports, keep up the good work.


    Dan Whitaker

  3. Jim Kerr says:


    No sweat.  I am
    not going to dump to much info out in the open here but I think most folks know
    I am mostly fishing the Kalama right now, and yes it and just about everything
    else is low and perfect.

    This is a great time to grab a single hand fly rod and head
    to the Kalama, the Humtulips, wynoochie, Callawa, or sol duc. 

    Soon the Hoh and the Queets will be in play also.

    If folks are on a buget I will be doing some half day trips
    and I also have some sweet lodging in Forks if you want to spend a long weekend
    out that way fishing for trout, steelhead and early salmon.

    Thanks for posting you question


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