Straight Poop on the Quillayute system fishing closure

Yes, we are still fishing, and catching a bunch of fish.

We have enough water in some rivers to last quite a while,but the Quillayute System(Sol Duc, Calawah,Bogacheil, dickie) will be closed to fishing for all species due to low water conditions by the end of the week.

The only portion of the river that will remain open is the lower Quillayute itself, from the power line hole to the mouth.

The water temps are not yet critical, and there is still enough water to allow fish passage up the Sol Duc and Bogacheil.

The main driver behind the closure was that the Quillayute tribe was concerned due to how many native summer kings they were catching.

They self imposed a 15 day netting closure and may continue it longer depending on conditions.

We were all anticipating the need for a low water closure and the state decided that by moving now they could pre-empt the need to close in a crises scenario.

This was a good choice on the State’s part.  They were also great about reaching out to the guides association for help in determining fish passage and where exactly the closure mark should be. The Quillayute mainstream will be closed from the Sol Duc bridge down stream to the pink paint marker 475 yards from the bridge.

The Hoh still has ample cool water, the Queets and Quinault are getting  low but still open.

King and Coho numbers have been very good, steelhead numbers have been steadily improving.

Many hatchery coho coming up the river this week.

Many hatchery coho coming up the river this week.

Jim Kerr

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4 Responses to Straight Poop on the Quillayute system fishing closure

  1. Bryan Glover says:


    I enjoy reading your reports. Good to see that some officials are seemingly making some good decisions about the water in your neck of the woods.

    From afar in Atlanta, GA…


  2. Lee says:

    When is expected reopen date?

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