Steelhead fishing


O.K.  Here I was
sittin pretty with all the dates I needed so I took a day off to hang out with
my sweety and get some paper work, wood cutting , boat cleaning, fly tying ect.
done and WHAM.  Three day

So here I am needin to fill Thursday Friday and Saterday.  That’s Feb 26, 27, and 28. So, does
anyone want to go fishing?  As you
all know, there were some HUGE steelhead caught this week, up to 30 pounds. These
are good dates and I would love to get a couple filled back up.

Let me know


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  1. Jason Krlich says:

    Just finished a amazing trip with Jim last week. Perfect day on the river. Went gear fishing the first day with Jim; got into 4 fish that day. One of our guys got sick and did a single day with Jim Fly Fishing the mighty Hoh River. 6 hook ups & released 1; Working on my hook sets 🙂

    Saw a 18lb, 20lb and yes, I have never seen a 30lb steelhead. Just a unbelievable epic 48 hrs of fishing.

    Thanks Jim!

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