Higher water brings more steelhead

Fishing will be better, it wasn’t so good for us today but
it was good for the guys in front of us and good for the nets.  All the rivers got a lot of color and a
lot of water and a good shot of fresh steelhead. 
Things are in full swing.


Here is Dylan with a chrome bright winter steelhead, we nymphed this one out of the middle of a rapid on the lower sol duc, if you have fished with me down there you probably know the spot.  The three lap hole. I am pretty well booked up but some of my friends are not, if you want a day let me know and I will try to hook you up with a great  guide.


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2 Responses to Higher water brings more steelhead

  1. Nick says:

    How do you know the nets got into fish? Is there a good source of info that lets folks know there “take”?

  2. Jim Kerr says:


    Generally I can get a report from some one who actually went down to watch the drift nets to see if they were hitting fish.    As for yesterday when we took out at Lyndeckers we watched fish hit the rag net at the mouth of the Sol Duc.  As far as a day to day tribal harvest report I do not think they release one.  The state harvest report which is available through fish and wildlife gives a week by week accounting of all the steelhead reported harvested by both tribal and recreational fishermen.  They do not release the report until the end of the year though.
    Jim Kerr

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