The fishing the last week has been excellent.  Great weather and low river flows have made for very comfortable conditions.  The catching on the other hand has been piss poor.

Not that its totally bleak, there are a fair number of small to medium sized spring Chinook showing up and occasional squirts of beautiful early summer steelhead, along with the the tail of the winter run. If a guy is in the right place at the right time he can have a very good day, if not however you better be casting a rod you like.

A clear Compact Skagit line and a very small fly brought this fish to hand for John


I am vowing to get my blog posts up to speed, and I hope to get the numbers of subscribers up.  But you guys will have to put some pressure on me, so for starters we are running the free trip for late posting deal again.  Here is how it works,  first you have to be subscribed to the blog, (go to the subscribe box on the left hand side of the page and enter your email info).  Next, if I go 4 full days without posting be the first to catch me and put a comment on the last post (Hey, its been 4 days, no post, you owe me a trip) and you get to fish for free.

Fish Porn.

The least I can do is keep the fish pictures coming, I have about a million from this winter, I will post them here in no particular order.

Perfect spring buck, john on the Sol Duc


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  1. Joe B says:

    Most excellent, Jim. I think you should also make us book a trip if we go 4 days without fishing. Fair is fair.

    Say, where does a guy like me get one of those clear compact skagit heads?



    • raincoastguides says:

      Some folks have some booking to do. Here is the deal on the clear Skagit head. The heaviest clear line offered by Airflow is a 8/9. I took the fast intermediate, cut it down to 22 ft(right out of the middle), put braided loops on each end and sealed them on with aquaseal. It casts…O.K.on my 11 ft 7 weight, I want to try it with the clear floater, and I want to find out if Echo makes a 11ft 6 weight switch to better utilize this line. That’s right, I m buying a rod to match a line I am making myself because no one makes it.

  2. Luke Filmer says:

    Great fish and big smiles -that’s what it is all about…
    nice job Jim.

  3. ma says:

    such a clever fisherman! The world must appreciate.

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