Jim Kerr sells out


In the bigs now.  Merchandising.  Next will be hats, t-shirts,sweatshirts,coffee mugs, you name it.  Anyway, for now you will have to be happy with the RainCoastGuidess.com tm. bumper sticker, just send $7.50 and I will get one out to you (some assembly required).

Get yours now!

Things are finally cooling down a bit, time for me to do some better posts.  There are still quite a few new winter runs coming, some summer runs being caught, and springers showing up.

The fact that there are fish like this around means we have plenty of good winter fishing yet to come

I will be posting a few more fish a long dates and I would love to book some springer trips, fly gear or otherwise.  May 17, 18, and 19 just opened up, that can be pretty prime time stuff, especially for the two hander crowd.  Springer fishing is going now and will only heat up from now until the middle of May.


Spring Chinook season is now, yes you can catch them swinging, no, its not easy.

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7 Responses to Jim Kerr sells out

  1. Lariokie says:

    I want a Jim Kerr Bobble Head for my dash!

  2. Lariokie says:

    I haven’t been receiving the newsletter lately. And I tried re-registering for it and the link doesn’t work. What’s up with that? Am I off the old-pal list for bad BBQ ribs or something?

  3. carl z says:

    So Jim any dates open in the next couplee of weeks?

    Carl Z

  4. Mark Rockwell says:

    I like the style of the bumper sticker. Very OP Washington! Sorry, Jim, I made my own down here in Calif. Tape doesn’t have to be as water-proof, so cost is less!
    Look forward to seeing you soon.

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