Spring report

Nope, not great about posting recently.  I really blew it on the photo’s and I hate to post without good ones.
I did some gear trips this week to collect some groceries (delicious hatchery spring Chinook, the bacon of the sea)
So, here is the skinny.  We had one tough day gear fishing where we blanked out, we had one tough day swinging where we only landed one jack.  Other than that things have been good.  Gear days have been ending up with great hatchery Chinook in the box and swing days have been good for a couple of good eats from steelhead and a shot or two at rolling kings.  The weather has been stupid-endous and most days we see two boats or less on the river with us.

Marty blows it, I said hatchery fish Marty! This one had to go back. (Do you have any idea how early you have to get up to see a misty morning like that?)

Here are some dates, next week I have the 24th and 25th available, and I have lots in June if you want to be around for the steelhead opener.

That’s better!  This brute tore us up on 20 pound plug gear, I went right home and added extra backing to my spey reels.

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast Guides

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