Good spey fishing for summer winter steelhead and spring chinnook

Thanks Joe, for a great day, and thanks for sending the pics.
Fish-a-longs are working perfectly, I am getting some naps and we are catching some fish.
Classic steelhead fishing, very light crowds and a real mix bag of fish.  The swinging has been good but not easy.  That is to say the wading can be hard, the casts long and the mending challenging.  If you can pull it off there are plenty of fish in the river, summer run steelhead winter runs, and the holy grail, some huge chrome finicky angry string ripping spring Chinook.  The sockeye should be poking their noses up river in a week or two.

Joe with a fresh winter steelhead

OOps, I swung one!

You know how when you take a nap on the river bank, and then you wake up all of a sudden and realize that if you don’t get going soon you won’t get a shot at this hole, so you stumble out into the river all bleary and half awake and before you can really make a full cast a fish has ripped out all your running line and a fair piece of backing and is somersaulting down river? That’s not a bad way to wake up.

Spring hen, hey it happened again!

Hee, Hee, yep, there is another!

Jim Kerr
Raincoast guides
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One Response to Good spey fishing for summer winter steelhead and spring chinnook

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for an awesome day, Jim! Who knew that this time of year had so much to offer?

    I have been practicing my napping, and I think I will totally rock that part of the program next time…


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