Sockeye, Kings,Silvers(?!) and trout

In this weather its a morning bite or nothing.  The trout fishing has been pretty good, the salmon fishing has been hit or miss.  Twitching jigs has been good, but getting them to latch on to streamers with any consistency has been a challenge.

The silvers keep coming, which is many weeks early, pretty strange for whats predicted to be a small run. There is a trickle of summer run steelhead, a drop or two of rain, or at least a few cool days like today would go a long way to get them to bite better.

Not an enthusiastic report I know.  This is unprecedented low water, and we really don’t know how things are going to turn out.

I will say again though, I have been having some pretty high quality trout fishing, with good shots at salmon.  Its a nice way to sneak in a good morning fishing.

Ryan took some pics from some twitching trips this week.

Yes, still catching bright spring chinook

Yes, still catching bright spring chinook

Megan with a hatchery silver, right where she knew it would be

Megan with a hatchery silver, right where she knew it would be

Sockeye, good biters,hard fighters, really hard to hook

good biters,hard fighters.

Call about half days, the best days to fish are later in the week.

Jim Kerr

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  1. Lee says:

    Broooooooo brah. How’s it going out there?

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