This morning before light the elk
had come down into the front yard, the sea gulls were in the back yard, this it
turns out is a clear sign the weather is about to get really fowl again.

Earlier this week we had some tough fishing but for in the
last couple of days we seemed to get things dialed in.

 I fished with Shane and his father Mark on the sol duc today
and things started out O.K. when Shane hooked a hot chromer on the first cast,
the action was come and go all day long and despite the fact that we blew
through the drift at mach one trying to get out of the high winds and freezing

 We nymphed all
morning and most of the fish ate a fuchsia and white lifter, we pulled over at
my all time favorite swinging run around two thirty and I planned to spend
about an hour and a half beating it up but the weather really got crazy…I mean
it HURT!  We cranked up the heater
and ran for the put out.

When it was all said and done we had found 6 hot beautiful
steelhead including the chromer hatchery fish Shane is holding.

            More or less it was awesome winter steelhead fly-fishing on
a river we had pretty much to ourselves.

Although the winter steelhead seem smaller than average so
far (8-10 pounds) there are lots and right now they seem hungry.


Donna, did I say, “Winter steelhead” enough in this entry?  I might be able to add it in a couple
more places.

Jim Kerr 

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  1. Donna says:

    Enough to make me snort into my coffee this morning! Maybe you should misspell it a couple of times for the illiterate? LOL

    Nice “winter steelhead” picture, btw : )

    ~ D

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