Fly fishing for northwest coho can be so tricky.  But when you unlock the combination it can seem…stupid.
It the last two days we hooked big coho pretty much at will.  Wednesday and Thursday  had single anglers.  Each of them hooked at least 15 fish.  I would guess that the fishing will hold up for another week, but the fish are starting to color up.  Still its fun.  I am looking forward to steelhead fishing, maybe this weekend.

Marty came out on Tuesday, we managed to hook a handful of fish stripping streamers. This one was the topper right before the take out

The next day John let loose on a boatload of fish like this.  We twitched, swung and stripped fish.  John landed at least nine nice adults, some jacks and hooked as many more.  Yesterday with Larry was even hotter.
The rivers are out today but I hope to get back at it tomorrow.

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