Salmon winding down?

I think the salmon fishing will keep on going for a while anyway.  If it looks like we might have some nice fly water I will post an emergency opening.

I am not fishing this week, I am at our southern estate inAstoria getting together the early winter calendar and getting ready for the Deschutestrip.  Here is a report though. Therivers and creeks are crazy high, there are tons of salmon though and these  facts combineto create decent to good fishing despite poor conditions.  Word is spreading about early winterrun steelhead more to come later in the week.


      You are going to get sick of seeing this guys picture.  Here is John with a hatchery hen Coho.

Moldy Chum, in co-operation with Trout Unlimited is doing aquick online survey on steelhead fishing and management.  Here is a link; only takes a few seconds.


Here are a few excerpts from the newsletter.  Thanks to everyone who has alreadyresponded.


Olympic Peninsula Winter Steelhead Workshop

Saturday December 5th.

Discuss gear and presentations at my house in Forks overbreakfast at 8:00 am then we will head out to some cool bank fishing spots anddial in your winter steelhead fishing skillz.  In the evening we will re-cap at the house over dinner andfinish with a little fly tying. You will end up with some maps and a solid idea of how to catchsteelhead on your own around the Northwest. 125.00 per person



Creek Fishing for Winter Steelhead

Saturday, January 9th

Yeah, you have heard all about the Creeks on the OlympicPeninsula and how cool the winter steelhead fishing is on them.  I will spend a day turning a few folkson to access spots and run timing of some of the best “lost” flywater in the Northwest.  You willsweat, get muddy, tear your waders and hang up every fly you bring on a snag orthe tree over your head.  You willalso discover a very cool new way to hunt steelhead in the northwest.

We will start at my house for breakfast, gear preparationand map reading, then head out for the creeks.

$125.00 per person



 If you hadproblems opening or responding to the newsletter it would be a huge favor ifyou would let me know.  I can’t fixproblems I don’t know about. That’s not to say I can fix the ones I do know about, but hey, give aguy a chance.


Jim Kerr

Raincoast Guides

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