Swinging a fly on Friday, the river up and quick, the sun shining, the breeze cool, and tap tap, soft soft pull, wait, stronger pull, heavy pull, and a big bright spring salmon rolling and foaming up the water in the sun shine.  Then gone, who gives a shit, it was an AWESOME eat and we all ready had put one in the box with a plug rod.

Saturday was the steelhead opener and there were about 10 places I wanted to go all at once, but we ran with old faithful, got stupid lucky and railed a bunch of nice summer fish on the spey rod.

Sunday, the fishing was slower, but in a way, perfect.  Just enough fish to make it very worth doing, and just few enough to discourage the crowds.  A fishing guides dream.

I have an open seat tomorrow and the next day (Tuesday and Wednesday).  $212.50 for a day.

Tim, Speymastergurujedi

Tim, Speymastergurujedi

I have a few June dates left, some late July dates and August is pretty open.  If you want to try some summer fishing give me a holler soon, the phone is blowing up.

There are still enough spring chinook around to make a day of it, the trout fishing is picking up, and sockeye are right around the corner.  No matter what the weatherman says, summer is here.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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