Peak steelhead season

Well, this is it.  The fish are here.  You pick the river, high low it doesn’t matter. For the next few weeks there will be steelhead in all the local rivers.  I have been doing a lousy job with the camera recently, I am breaking in a new point and shoot and I don’t have my chops down yet, but here are a few pics.

Lee, with an over exposed buck

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3 Responses to Peak steelhead season

  1. Desdemona Sands says:

    Sexy Blog Post. Seriously.

  2. Lee says:

    That dude in the middle must have his angling skills sewed up TIGHT.

    Thanks for the bonanza Jimenez.


  3. Don Freeman says:

    Fishing with Jim is one of the most enjoyable experiences that I treat myself to every year. I’ve never had a day on the river with him when I didn’t catch fish, but the whole experience is so professional and plain fun, that I doubt I would notice.

    I’ve been steelheading for thirty years, so when I want to advance to a new level, I call Kerr, and it’s like going to grad school. But when I wanted my son to get introduced to the challenge of winter fish on a fly, Jim simplified the process so comfortably that he caught a fish his first day, and yet was not discouraged by the several he missed.
    I worked in outdoor recreation services half of my life, and Raincoast is simply one of the true class acts I’ve come across. I always feel like family, and he lets me smoke cigars.

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