Yep, river is out.  Took a long nap today. That was awesome.

Its kind of nice and sunny in the yard right now but I am thinking that will not last.  We had a nice week, the slower fishing has caused the crowds to vaporize and made for better swinging, with the fish in easier spots to reach.  And there are still more than enough fish around to make for a nice day of nymphing if you know where to look.  All and all its been a nice mellow winter steelhead season so far.

Les swung this fish before I could get the boat off the trailer

Les swung this fish before I could get the boat off the trailer

TR ,Decho and Three, blow out day spey lessons under the bridge

Blow out day spey lessons under the bridge

Be posting some spring specials soon. And maybe a some better content, any suggestions?

Jim Kerr

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  1. Kris Thomas says:


    Any comment on what you think of Echo’s Ion for a budget Spey reel?


    • raincoastguides says:

      You know I am a huge, huge fan of echo spey rods. I feel they are awesome rods at any price, the fact that they happen to be inexpensive is just a bonus. The ion reel that I have has not been the same value. It works, but it tends to skip with a good fish on, especially when its real wet,(yep, I just said that). My smaller ion works better but is still not on par with a really good fly reel. You know what Kris, buy a good real, maybe a Lampson

  2. kelly says:

    You never finished your dissertation on the several part series of swinging flies for steel head and particularly the last installment on how to detect soft strikes. I would like to hear your takes on this and any other tips.


    • raincoastguides says:

      Thank you! Some feedback! You may be the only one reading this.
      Yes, you are right and I owe you that, give me until things calm down in May.

  3. Rooster says:

    A while back you also touched on the blatantly obvious effect of Sasquatch Predation on our runs of fish. I would like more intel regarding the clear depredation of our steelhead stocks by BigFoot….. as I am clearly seeing more signs of Big Foot these days than steelhead, I am thinking this needs more publicity.

    • raincoastguides says:

      Dear Mr. The Rooster.
      Great question. It turns out very few of the policy makers in the northwest are brave enough to openly address the Sasquatch issue. Sasquatch is a constant drain on the economies of the North West. I believe we seem powerless to stop Sasquatch mostly because of the huge political power wielded by the Sasquatch super pac.
      Politicians know which side their bread is buttered on and will not even admit to the Sasquatch problem as long as they are receiving payments from the Sasquatch lobby.

  4. chris says:

    I always enjoy the blog – just enough report information to keep it interesting and just enough talk about policy to get the heart pumping. Three ice cubes, half a glass of scotch, and the raincoast reports make for a great way to spend a rainy afternoon down the coast.

    As for content, I, and I suspect others, would like to hear a bit about run timing, preferred water craft, rowing techniques, and sketchy spots on the OP (good places to sink a boat). Folks would probably also be interested in your perspectives on colors and patterns as they relate to water temperature and color.

    Keep it up and all the best!

    • raincoastguides says:

      Do you see people! This is how to write a comment! This is how to inspire!
      I have found my muse.

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