Operation Desert Wind

I am a winter steelhead guide, I live in the rain forest, I will not complain about the rain.

So, that’s it for that.

Cold? Yea, real cold. Not a sissy sport.

Kevin, Early Native buck steelhead.

The rivers remain high, those who have risked it have been rewarded with some beautiful early native steelhead.  This early in the season, with the water this high, if you are targeting Nates you will catch more swinging than nymphing.

Row fast and jump it? Or carry the boat? (do not row fast and jump it)

Gerald is getting this figured out. It may not have been sunny, but it least it got light out.

So, the shortest day of the year will soon be behind us, and a new year ahead.  Still plenty of hatchery fish around if the water ever drops, and the natives are all ready showing up.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides


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