Back to the river

So I was finally back on the river Wednesday.  Reports from Tuesday had been pretty good but the river had bumped up a bit over night and picked up some color.  We got some fish by using an old trick I like to call….really, really, working hard.  The fish below was the result of an impressive display in good fishing and steely (pun, unexpected, but we will go with intended) determination.

John is good at this

Thursday the river was dropped back down a bit and I was hoping for a decent day but not too optimistic after what I had sen the day before, so of course the river was plugged with steelhead, at one point we watched 40 chromers swim under the boat.

So, Friday….A quick half dozen and then home early?    Nope.  All those fish more or less vaporized, we struggled to hook one (look, lets keep this in perspective a bit, there is nothing wrong with hooking one steelhead on a fly rod, still after the day before…).

Anyway I felt confident that the missing fish from the day before was yet another example of the brutal Sasquatch predation that the state is refusing to address.

There it is, a straight up steelhead fish report.  We will see what today brings.

Jim Kerr

Rain coast guides

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4 Responses to Back to the river

  1. John P. says:

    Hi Jim –
    It was quite a ride down to the lower pool to land that fish. Thanks for being steady on the oars and keeping me in the boat!! And thanks again for the great day.
    John P.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hey Jim,
    Thank you for another wonderful day on the river. Wish I had been better at keeping those fish on the string.

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