Oh boy

Rain today, and some schedule weirdness has me at home , which is fine.  Fishing has been good, weather has been great.  We are finding fish every day, fishing everywhere.  Had a few eat swung flies the other day, but didn’t get any to the bank.  We had a little flurry on the Hoh when it was lower.  Heard about 7 fish swung from one bar over about 12 hours.  Tried to get in on it but ours didn’t stick.
Nymphing plenty, here is one of 5 we landed yesterday, plus some pictures of Rooster managing to keep his boat right side up…much to every ones surprise.
This rain will help.  But really, it would be hard for things to be much better.
I have some open days in April.  Get ready, I am going to start booking spring salmon and summer steelhead trips in a couple of weeks.

Maybe today was a raft day after all

Might as well hit it

Dave, stoked on his first ever steelhead, his second one was ALOT bigger

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast Guides

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  1. David Miner says:

    You said it… A LOT bigger.

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