Nice mix of steelhead

Cold dry air.  After more than 20 inches of rain in December rivers are dropping and steelhead are becoming easier to get at.

We are finding a nice mix of steelhead with early natives,  typical hatchery steelhead and a few oversized hatchery fish.

Shad with a hatchery steelhead

Shad with a hatchery steelhead, he brought a sack full home

I went fishing with Shad and Ryan yesterday, thanks for a nice day guys.

Ryan with a larger than average hatchery fish

Ryan with a larger than average hatchery fish

The weather stayed almost a bit too cold for my liking most of the day, but never got down right painful.  We enjoyed good fishing in the morning and decided to try a different river in the afternoon, just for a change of pace.

The afternoon session was fun too, and we saved undue wear and tear on the net.

We still have open dates for January, and a shot at some of the biggest fish of the year.

Early native steelhead

Early native steelhead



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