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Here is what I would do. I would grab a spey rod, some tips and a bunch of flies, some standards and some goofy stuff.  You are going to need a cooler, some bread, cheese salami and beer.  Bring a sleeping bag.

Now drive to the Sol Duc after work on Friday, you know what, buy a pizza on the way, that will give you something else to snack on, anyway when you get to the Duc drive into the Hatchery, or Shuwah, or Whitcom Dimmel, or down by Three rivers.

You could also park at Bear springs recreation area or up the Callawa, anyway once you get there have a couple beers, a slice of cold pizza and set you alarm for 4:45.

In the morning run into town for a cup of coffee then head down to the sol duc and start swinging.

The river, the weather, and the scenery will all be perfect.  There are some early summer steelhead sneaking up the river with the last of the winter runs and a good dose of springers.  The fishing will be so awesome that if you do any catching at all it will make your month.

You might screw up and catch a spring Chinook.

Bright spring buck

Jim Kerr

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