Important…To do today

 To do TODAY!

 Email this message to
the folks listed below, fast because they are voting tomorrow at 8:00 am.

 “ We need to support Miranda Wecker and
keep her on the fish and wildlife commission!  We need more people like her who care about improving our

Send it to

> Curt Gavigan,
Senate Natural Resources Committee staff:

> [email protected]

> Marty Brown,
Legislative Director, Governor’s Office:

> [email protected]


Here is why

You love steelhead
fishing you know are native fish need all the help they can get.  For the last few years it seems like
the only state sponsored bulwark between our wild fish and complete
annihilation has been the fish and wildlife commission.

The commission has
become increasingly concerned with conservation and less enthusiastic about
unregulated harvest.

So of course some
special interests have gotten involved and seem to have enlisted the help of
state senator Ken Jacobsen D, 46th district Seattle.

 He recently tried to have the Fish and
wild life commission abolished and now, failing that he is trying to get rid of
some of the most conservation minded members, people like Miranda Wecker.

You can also send a
message to Ken Jacobsen, maybe something like this

“Hey Ken, I think your
recent actions concerning the fish and wildlife commission may be a bit
misguided, the Commission is getting better for the people of Washington all
the time, our fisheries need help, support the Fish and Wildlife Commission as
it stands”

Send that one to;

[email protected]


And now,

                                                                                The fish report


                                                                    Tom Rudd with a Dandy

It is definitely the best early April I have seen in a
couple years, we have been catching good numbers of fresh steelhead every day
and although the average size has been dropping like it usually does this time
of year there still are some true giants coming up.

We found a couple in the twenty pound class this week and
one of Jeff Brazda’s clients managed to land a fish that was conservatively
estimated at 28 pounds, yep…that’s big.

Now will see if this rain brings the end of winter fishing or another round of fresh steelhead.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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  1. Dan Whitaker says:

    Hey Jim, as an extremely concerned steelhead fly fisherman, I really appreciate the heads up about the Fish and Wildlife Commission issues, and the links to easily be heard. It was an awsome idea. Keep up the good work.

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