Great gift idea plus Real winter steelhead

First the gift idea, I just got an email from a fly shop suggesting gift certificates for guided fishing as a gift idea.  Great idea!  Only buy them from us.

Or better yet buy a gift certificate for our spring spey workshops!  That would be a great deal for you.  Think about it…just share this post with your favorite gift giver.


Lee with a hatchery steelhead

Lee with a hatchery steelhead

We have openings next week on December 19,20,21,22.

I have had an awesome week.  For the first time in…..months I have been able to float a river a few minutes from my house and catch a decent number of steelhead.  How nice!


Jen, with a nice hatchery winter steelhead

We are mostly indicator fishing and hooking fish pretty regularly between coffee breaks and warm up breaks. As always fish in this cold water take a certain amount of convincing.

But they are steelhead, which means they really want to eat.  The first few big natives have popped up, which adds some additional interest to the day.

Jerry, yes it was chilly

Jerry, yes it was chilly

I took some slightly different photos this week for my next post, so you don’t have to look at too many identical grip and grins.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides.

Forks wa

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4 Responses to Great gift idea plus Real winter steelhead

  1. Karen Cline says:

    That girl in the middle rocks! Oh wait ….that’s my daughter 😀

  2. Sara says:

    Awesome pictures and breathtaking fish you got out of the water there.
    Just a little question, is the fishing any different than up in the north, right above Van island up the west coast?

    • raincoastguides says:

      That steelhead is out of the water because its going home with us. Although we do not have “mandatory harvest rules” for hatchery steelhead, many places do,because its believed they should not be allowed to spawn with wild fish.
      Is the fishing different north of us? Well, it all depends on where you go….

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