Good things take time

Sorry I have been out of touch, the last week has been a bit hectic.

Madeline Kerr, born July 9th a healthy baby girl to a healthy happy Mom.

Thanks to everyone here for all your support.  We are so glad to be home.

Jim Kerr


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8 Responses to Good things take time

  1. Kris Thomas says:

    OUTSTANDING!!! Congrats to you and your Mrs, Jim!

  2. Ken Johnson says:

    Congrats! What a little cutie, good thing she got her mom’s looks!

  3. kyle loveless says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations Jim!

  4. Joe B says:

    Most excellent Jim! Congrats to you and Lauren–she’s a cute kiddo!


  5. Lee says:

    Nice work homie! Congrats.

  6. Ryan T Shopay says:

    Congratulations on an adorable girl!!!! Glad everyone is happy and healthy!!!!

  7. martyg says:

    Congratulations Jim & Lauren!

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