Go do something fun! You deserve it.


I don’t know about anybody else, but the very thought of hush puppies calms me down.

Shorts and a hoody, maybe, 7 beers more than I should have, food that comes fried unless you insist on getting it otherwise.

Fried fish and hushpuppies, and lots of big fish pulling on your string.

Really cool fish, that are prowling around looking for something tasty and smaller than they are they can pounce on.

Stop! I know what your thinking, you don’t want to get on an airplane.

Look, wear the mask, wash the hands , and wash the inside of your body with alcohol once you get there.

And hush puppies. Relax, be outside some where its not wet and cold, where the fish want to bite.

Aaron and Ravae O’Leary are good friends of ours running an awesome redfish operation and they have open dates coming up soon.

I bet he could find you a flounder too, and a speckled trout! A sheepshead!

All cool fish, all fry well.

Call these guys for dates in mid/late November, early December.

Angler’s Obsession
Owner/Booking Specialist
360-485-3334 or Aaron 360-485-3181

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa

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