feakin giant rooster from the beach season


Why aren’t we doing this?

This is Lance, our host while we were down in Baja, pictured
here with a nice rooster he got from the beach today.  He lost two larger ones.  The feakin giant rooster from the beach season is just
cranking up, I want to go.

Here we are waiting for a bit of rain, or some snowmelt,
anything to bring the rivers up a foot or so and get the spring Chinook
moving.  There are a few nice kings
around but prime time is still a week or two away and without a little bump in
the water levels things are going to remain slow. As it is it seems like you can find one, maybe two springers a day on gear, but it should get better soon.

Jim Kerr 
Rain Coast Guides Washington Fly Fishing

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