Fall steelhead fishing on the olympic peninsula

Professional Steelhead camp mover

Fished everywhere again this week, and yes, caught steelhead.  There are some spots I would love to get back too right now, and some spots I would love to be all day. Maybe I will offer a little discount this week for Wednesday, maybe a fish-a-long?

A nice spot on the river

Summer steelhead flat on the lower Hoh

The big rivers are perfect for spey fishing or nymphing right now, although the best biters are in very odd places, the small water is sight fishing trout style.

Tilt your screen just right and count the steelhead, no, its really not where you think.

Jim with a 30 inch hatchery buck

The Hoh river graph showed the effects of the warm weather earlier last week, we had a few tougher days as a result, but the Sol Duc Bogachiel and Calawah stayed low and clear.
The fishing pressure has shifted down south, but is still light enough to be negligible. Coho? I don’t know.  Other than the summer fish in the Sol duc we haven’t seen much for early salmon, no one is complaining with the steelhead fishing being so good, but it would be nice to see a few around, especially in the Quilayute just to split the angler effort.

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