Fall Salmon, And really, trout, but some summer steelhead too

Nope, wrong! Not Forks on a dry day, the Deschutes!

Guests Tom and Lee with Guides Rob Crandall and  Adam McNamara

Thanks Adam and Rob for an Epic trip down the Deschutes, three of the most enjoyable guided days I ever remember having, professional, hard working and super fun.  Thanks Marty, bagger extraordinaire for awesome camps, meals and a fun attitude.
Check out Rob or Adam on line if you are looking for a great float down the big D.

And, here we are with some excellent walk in steelhead fishing, epic trout floats and the first of the fall Coho in the rivers, yep, I have some open days, the 10th through the 13th just canceled, sooo  ooops, help a brother out.
A hard working fly fishing guide could probably get a client who likes to hike into some sweet dry line steelhead action and maybe a fun sea-run action to boot.
Oh, if any one wants to catch fall kings or silvers on gear, we could do that too.

Summer steelhead on the Peninsula,are still shiny bright and super hungry, the Caddis hatch is in full swing, and the fish will rise.

Jim Kerr
Rain coast guides

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