Done with the chinook, on to steelhead

Headed to the Kalama this week, we will see if the water
there still runs down stream.  The
Forks area rivers are about the same, some springers, a few summer steelhead,
nothing great but nice water conditions and beautiful rivers.  I can get caught up and fish for 12 or 13
hours easily this time of year, something that does not happen in early

Here are some shots of some spring king salmon we got just before
I left.  One unmarked fish and one
marked, odds are they were both of hatchery origin.  The unmarked fish went back, and the adipose impaired one
came home.  We had one other fish
eat, but it came unstuck, that is about as good as Springer fishing gets this


I hope to spend most of the day swinging flies for summer
steelhead tomorrow, it will be a nice change from the Chinook fishing.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast guides

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