1 in a thousand

Guess the secret identity of this angler and win an awesome prize

When you fish a big tailwater for trout in the rocky mountains you guide might tell you proudly, “we got 5000 trout per mile in here” and he is probably telling the truth, but this does not cause you to believe that since you are floating 5 miles you will have a 25,000 fish day, or even a 100 fish day, or even a 25 fish day.  In fact, on most good trout streams most folks are happy with a dozen or so nice trout, and should be, cause that’s a great day.

Sometimes when the coho bite slows down you have to suck it up and catch kings

The trick with OP coho is keeping your eye on that ball.  Lets try and land a few 10 to 15 pound chromers and not worry about all the fish your aren’t catching.  It can be hard, sometimes there are many hundreds of of big chrome fish right in front of you, where you can see them, and it seems like they are all having a contest to see who can bite your fly the least.
Don’t worry about it, some will bite, sooner or later, and when they do it will be more than worth while.

“Small” kings like this one are perfect, they pull hard, jump, but you can land them in a reasonable amount of time.

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast Guides
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12 Responses to 1 in a thousand

  1. Jeff says:

    I beleive that the mystery fisherman is one Jim Kerr in his new Simms wading jacket! Nice coho too!

  2. Ryan T Shopay says:

    That’s YOU Jim!!!!!

  3. Jim Kerr says:

    Two good guesses, but try again.

  4. Anil S says:

    It’s a woman, I know that for sure.
    Just look at those ‘birthing hips’
    Who is it???

  5. Jim Kerr says:

    Gettin warmer

  6. joe w says:

    That’s a tough one Jim, and maybe a trick question. It is either Brad Pitt or George Cloney.

  7. Jim Kerr says:

    Now we are getting close.

  8. Rich Culver says:

    Lookin’ good there, Jim, but let’s see some Matsutakis!!!!!

  9. Josh says:

    River Pimp? Connecting clients and his fishy smelling ladies at a river corner? Sometimes getting a little of his own…

  10. JOEL ELLIOTT says:


  11. Jeff says:

    It must be “Jim the Fishhunter”! A Forks, WA river guide that persues coho like he does Elk, only more successfully. Ha!

  12. Danielle says:

    Had a blast! Looking forward to next time! Going to cook up those nice bhirgt hatchery fish tonight! Could you email the picture of that really bhirgt hen? Thanks Jim for the experience. If I had the cash I would go again on one of those dates! Rivers are going to be good the next few days! Have fun!

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