Your in luck! Cheap Spey Lines…and a couple open dates

Check out this sales pitch, first I will butter you up with a picture of a fish you should have caught if you had been fishing.

Carl took about two casts to land this buck

  two casts to land this buck

Now you are interested I will try to get you to book the 23rd, yes, I am open, or March 2nd with Caleb.  I had a trip for Caleb on the 2nd twice now, and cancelled him both times, so I am feeling pretty bad.  Ooops, and now it looks like I am looking for one angler who wants to try and nymph a little tomorrow, I will throw in a free spey line of your choice, which brings us to….

I want some new fly fishing crap…You know, new fancy poles and winders and string and all that.  So to make room for it, and a budget, I am getting rid of some old stuff.

First, I have a bunch of Airflow skagit and compact scandies that have the old color coating label, not the new fancy laser printed number right on the line.  I will be selling them to replace them with the laser printed ones.  They are all in at least good shape, some, never used.  I will let them go for 27 bucks including shipping (US only, I don’t sell to taliban or other foreigners).  Just email me the grain weight and line type you want and I will send details.   [email protected]



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  1. Victor says:

    Whats wrong with foreigners? Talibans I understand but the rest?

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