Yep, there are fish, now ease off on the rain.

Still have Coho dates, but not for long, soon we will be steelhead fishing.  We have one boat open on the 16th and 17th,  these would be good days to book for sure.

Ryan and I got to the river yesterday at around O dark thirty (7:15).

It looked a bit dirty in the dark, but as the light came up  the visibility  looked to be about 18 inches.  Far from perfect but good enough providing there were some fish around.


Beautiful Fall coho from yesterday

Beautiful Fall coho from yesterday

Turns out there were certainly enough around to make a morning of bank walking worthwhile. Some nice shiny new ones, some pink ones, and some that weren’t coho.

We kinda wished we had brought the boat.


Coho with patches of blue sky, not too bad

This Coho came out of a classic swing flat, with patches of blue sky in the background. I’m glad we chanced the high water.

Accidental sock eye.  Can happen to anyone.

Accidental sockeye. Can happen to anyone.

I am constantly amazed at how many spey fishers sit out salmon season.  Here on the OP we catch far more salmon a day spey fishing than we do winter steelhead.  They are larger and stronger on average than steelhead, yet most spey anglers sit out the season.

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