Yep, still here

It’s been a while, between loosing our internet connection, getting a righteous summer cold, and working a lot of early mornings I have failed you all in updating the blog, and I apologize.
Here is what is going on with the fishing; Trout fishing…good in the lower and upper river, if you can make a comfortable 40 ft cast you can have a very nice day on 10 to 15 inch sea runs.  Steelhead fishing on the Quilayute is good , mostly sight fishing and a fair amount of dry fly action, Salmon fishing this week involved a bunch of chunky coho, more Sockeye than I would have expected and a half dozen or so small kings, not bad.
Over on the glacial rivers it is all about catching the water at the right level, there are summer steelhead but you have to be there on the bite.  That should get better every day.

These dudes are popping up all over the place

Peter with one of many chunky coho

The Coho bite is fast and early, long casts and precise presentation can lead to a boat load of fish by noon, kings steelhead and sockeye have been working into the mix on a daily basis.
There is also some very good mixed trout/steelhead hike in fishing right now, there are cetaily some spots with plenty of fish and no anglers.
I have a few days here and there on the Calendar I would like to fill 14th through the 16th are open as well as a few others.  Give me a call if you want to head out for some summer fishing.
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